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Surge ahead with our Samsung business phones – plans for every enterprise from one of the most innovative mobile manufacturers in the industry.

Become the multi-tasking master of your business with the Samsung Z Fold4.

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Best Samsung Business Phone Plans & Deals

Browse our very best business Samsung phones with plans across all major UK networks:

Why Choose a Samsung Phone for your Business?

There are many benefits behind using Samsung phones for business, coupled with industry-leading features that you won’t find anywhere else. Samsung has long remained one of the top producers of mobile phones for both corporate and personal use.

Here are just a handful of the benefits:

Cutout of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 folding business phone in Phantom Black with triple camera and display

Highly Customisable

Samsung business phones offer near unparalleled customisation in comparison to many other mobiles whilst maintaining fantastic functionality.

Leading Brand

Currently the undisputed worldwide industry-leader, claiming a market share of 21% throughout 2022 - followed by Apple's 16% of the global market


Pledged to reduce their carbon footprint at Galaxy Unpacked and also started to "upcycle" old smartphones into modern medical devices.

Future-Proof Phones

Samsung continue to pioneer & incorporate the latest mobile technologies. If you love being at the forefront of future designs, this brand remains your best bet.

Highly Innovative

These mobiles prove some of the most versatile on the market, with their creative team constantly pushing the limits of innovation. Look at their folding smartphones!


As a leading manufacturer of electronic goods for almost 85 years, using a Samsung devices for business includes so much more than just mobiles.

Samsung Tablet Deals For Business

Sometimes, all we need is a bigger screen & better hardware… Our Samsung tablets for business have everything you need to whiz through your week.

Perfect for creative designers or team leaders alike. Take home one of the top tablets for your business and optimise your workforce without breaking the bank.

Company employees in meeting use tablet for work

Save on our selection of the best business Samsung tablet deals now.

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Samsung Business Phones FAQs

iPhone or Samsung for Business – what’s best?

If you enjoy having all the latest technologies integrated into your mobile, Business Samsung phones are the way to go.


However, for those who prioritise simplicity and functionality over all else, an Apple iPhone remains your best choice.

Should I choose a Samsung Galaxy for my Business?

A Samsung Galaxy for business use is a viable choice for many companies. There are many models to choose from, all with their own pros & cons.

For instance, the Galaxy A13 is a great option for those on a budget. On the other hand, the S23 Ultra is leading the forefront as one of the most powerful mobile phones available.

Simply put, it all depends on your requirements and expected operations. Contact us today and craft the best contract for your needs.

What are the best features for an SME enterprise?

For Small and Medium business users seeking a new smartphone, Samsung remains a top pick. Many of their models offer great performance whilst remaining highly affordable.


Their selection is highly versatile and contains something for every employee - from your designers to spreadsheet superstars.


They're also a top choice for eco-friendly enterprises, effectively educating everyone about climate change and responsible consumption with their "Global Goals" app.

How do I transfer data from iPhone to my new Samsung Business Phone?

So, you've made the switch from iOS to Android? Lucky you!


The process is much safer and easier than it was previously, lets begin:


Step 1. Connect your iPhone & new Android or Samsung Business phone via USB-C cable.


Step 2. Select your storage to keep - this includes contacts, messages, photos, apps, and many more forms of data. Remember, this data is copied over, so information will still remain on your old device.


Step 3. Initiate the transfer and wait. After which, you will have imported all of your contacts, messages, photos, and other selected data to your new business mobile. 


If you’re a customer and are having any issues, please contact our team or your dedicated account manager – we’re always happy to help! 

What is the best Samsung phone for business?

If you're on a budget, the Galaxy A53 offers many modern features such as 5G connectivity, all for a fraction of the cost.


However, as highlighted in our Top 10 Best Phones for Business, the Galaxy S23 Ultra remains our prime pick.


If you're still unsure, check out the rest of our range, or contact our team and we'll guide you through any additional requirements.

What are the differences between their folding smartphone models?

The biggest difference between these two folding smartphones is the design. The Z Flip4 folds vertically, whereas the Z Fold4 does so horizontally.


The Z Fold4 also claims a superior camera and a technological edge in hardware. Learn the key differences between the main Galaxy Z Fold4 vs Flip4 features here.

What is the latest Samsung smartphone model?

Currently, the latest release from Samsung is the Galaxy S22 Ultra, which remains one of the most powerful business phones to date, despite releasing near the start of 2022.


However, their team plans to follow up on this smartphone soon, hinting at an upgraded S23 Series...

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